I'm Michelle Turk. Anyone who knows me, knows I am much like the character Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation- only if she worked in music industry instead of government. Leslie loves waffles. Leslie's a leader. Leslie's a feminist. Leslie loves to make people happy. Leslie is the woman with all the ideas and binders full of them. Leslie gets less than five hours of sleep every night. Leslie marches to the beat of her own drum. Leslie loves her work no matter how much it can be disappointing sometimes. Some people don't like Leslie because she's so enthusiastic and that's not cool apparently as if Leslie cares. Well, it was a lot easier to say those things about Leslie than to say them about myself and why I would start this whole blog and website and a festival. But you can replace the name Leslie with Michelle and you've pretty much got me. 

I'm a writer and musician living on Long Island. I freelance as a writer and often work for Behind the Scene Press doing interviews and reviews. For now, writing is a hobby but I hope to someday make it my amazing side hustle to a full time music career. I'm not there yet. Like Leslie Knope, I'm a relentless optimist. I just know someday I will be there. For now, I'm here. Doing everything I can one day at a time. 

So you're here! Thank you for coming to this website for the FIRST TIME EVER that you're reading this. This is a blog and also a booking thing! My boyfriend, Mike (the Ben Wyatt to my Leslie Knope) and I have been talking and talking about booking our own shows. First we did a Galentine's Party with all of our friends who are musicians and girls! Then we did a 90s Nickelodeon thing. Then we did a few normal shows without outlandish themes. So now what are we doing? This! (This is such a professional explanation, I know.) Promoting our shows together and while you will see only me on this website (besides what I will be explaining below), you will see Mike at the shows and I assure you he's crunching numbers and being adorable like Ben Wyatt. I'm biased but he would punch someone in the face if they called me a bitch. He also supports me in every crazy endeavor I come up with and I know realistically, this fits into his dreams and who he is too. He might be very embarrassed I'm saying all of this so casually. It's my blog now- so sue me! 

This is Mike and me for the five seconds we played in the same band.

This is Mike and me for the five seconds we played in the same band.

Weekly features
This blog will run on somewhat of a content schedule, like television programming but not.

So you, like learning about new music? Tune in on Monday for Music Monday Playlist or Tuesday for Tastemakers. Do you like metal? Read reviews of the latest metal releases, interviews with bands, or exclusive streams of songs. Are you a nerd about gear? Check out Tech Tuesday, where musicians give a summary of their gear and why they like to use what they have. On Wednesday we will feature musicians or members of the music industry who are women because they are severely underrepresented in the media. Do you like getting all nostalgic about music from 10 or more years ago? There's the Throwback feature, written by members of the community. Friday is reviews of the latest releases.  

Monday: Music Monday Feature- a playlist of bands that I discovered over the following week or have been listening to a lot of with a little bit of why I chose them.  
This will switch off with a Metal Feature in which bands that fall into the genre of metal will be reviewed, interviewed, or featuring an exclusive stream.

Tuesdays: Tastemakers Feature- an editorial by another member of the community, artists, or musicians, the tastemakers feature is a list of three to four bands or musicians that really piqued the interest of the listener over the span of the last six months. These bands and artists featured could national or local and are chosen by the artist
This will switch off with Tech Talk, a feature in which a musician or member of the music industry discusses gear and their favorite features of it or a "how-to article"

Wednesday: Women in Music Feature- female musicians or members of the music industry are interviewed or featuring an exclusive stream.

Thursdays: Throwback Feature- an editorial by another musician highlighting an album that has influenced them for over 10 years or more. 

Friday: Reviews of latest music releases

Want to write for or photograph for Ethos Live? Email me here with links to your writing (if previously published, if not, I'm still willing to read) or photography. Please include your location and a list of your favorite bands.

Are you a musician or member of the music industry interested in writing a feature/editorial? Email me 

Want to work at or promote our shows? Email Mike


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