The Best and Most Memorable New Singles of 2017

by Mike Nest

Every year, many albums get released and each person has that one song that resides with them long after the album has ended and the music has stopped. Here are my Top 5 singles of 2017.


#5 Kitty Kat Fan Club – "Work Space Grind"

Kitty Kat Fan Club produces very pleasing songs that are easy to listen to, with calming vocals and the haunting melodies crafted to make the listener feel at ease. "Work Space Grind" is one of those songs in that you can just put on and forget your worries for a time. This single was something we needed for the start of 2017.


#4 Tupperware Remix Party – "Built 4 Love (Feat Ninja Sex Party)"

This song is electrifying. Tupperware Remix Party are truly at their best whenever they team up with the mega talented members of Ninja Sex Party Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian. This combined band effort is a high-octane thrill ride in which Danny’s vocals mixed with the 80’s inspired styling of TWRP smash together to make this incredible ballad that is a worthy successor to the big hair rock bands of the 80’s and truly brings us all back to synth-rock in a way that few other bands have ever captured.

#3 The Radioactive Chicken Heads – "Cluck at the Moon"

The Radioactive Chicken Heads are one of those bands that makes people do a double take to make sure they saw what they saw. (Yes, the lead singer is a giant Carrot and there are irradiated chickens playing instruments) From Los Angeles, the Radioactive Chicken Heads bring a mixture of weird and surreal humor and mixes it flawlessly with catchy riffs, funny lyrics, and an attitude that reminds us that music doesn’t always have to be serious. "Cluck at the Moon" features guest vocals from Ronald Osbourne of Mac Sabbath and the unusual mixture of the two unique vocalists create a love letter to the old 70’s and 80’s metal trends in which there was a mixture of horror and storytelling in each song.

#2 Michael’s Existential Crisis – "You’re No Fun" 

Michael Ragosta always brings energy to his vocals and this single shows off his impressive vocal range. The playful lyrics have really matured over the years with Mr. Ragosta, whom I have been an avid fan of since the release of Patent Pending’s Save Each Other, The Whales are Doing Fine. Michael’s Existential Crisis is a project to keep a very close eye on, the song shows us there is more to come from a fantastic vocalist and there is so much more he wants to do and personally I am very excited to see what is next for this exceptional (super)human being!

#1 Sean Hart – "Madman"

It has been said that the best music comes from pure and raw emotion and Sean Hart’s "Madman" is dripping with many emotions: anger, obsession, hurt, love and a whole lot of pain. Sean Hart produced the entire album, having arranged everything himself. He created his album this year then dropped it quietly onto the internet for people to find. The song is a high energy ballad about pain that people all over the world feel and feels raw, untethered, and off the walls. Sean’s fast vocals often times flow hard and quickly over the quick beat and just make me personally want to get back into the pit.

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