Review: Sklubby (Self Titled EP) - Sklubby

Sklubby is a Long Island based punk/alt rock four piece. They dropped their third release, Sklubby, on August 11th. Sklubby offers a metallic / heavy brand of hardcore punk with aspects of pop sensibility and continues to hone the sound with this release.

Sklubby comes off as a punk band stemming from a metal background, boasting punk/pop structures and songwriting with metal oriented riffs. The EP displays the simplicity and straightforward structure of punk while melding with technical and hard hitting aspects of thrash metal and hardcore. Opening with "Me Vs Me," the song shows the band's ability to meld the genres as they transitions from fast-paced punk passages to pummeling crossover trash-esque breakdowns. 

While this project differs drastically from The Lysine Contingency, a progressive metal/mathcore band which also features Sklubby's vocalist/guitarist Steve Gomez and drummer Jesse Tudda, aspects of their songwriting style in Lysine crossover in Sklubby. The dissonant chords, complex shred-oriented passages, and carefully placed breakdowns injected into these otherwise straightforward punk songs remind me of Lysine and offer a unique flair to the band's approach to punk music on this release.

Classic punk acts such as The Misfits and Rancid come to mind when listening, particularly in the band's use of pop song structure within this batch of driving punk songs. Sklubby also seems to pull from Weezer, which apparent in the EP's brighter, heavy power-pop oriented tracks such as "Little Dream" and "Soulisfree". The album's use of massive riffs, big hooks, and guitar-centric songwriting is notably reminiscent of Weezer's underrated fourth record Maladroit in particular; a collection of giant, riff-oriented, punchy power-pop tunes. 

Sklubby offers a unique and fun blend of punk, hardcore, thrash, and power-pop. The various aspects of punk and metal that Sklubby pull from work together in harmony far more often than clashing and result in their own personal brand of punk. 

RATING: 3.5/5

Favorite Tracks: "Me Vs Me", "Little Dream"


Review by Michael DiGiulio

Sklubby will be playing their EP release show on Sunday, August 13th at Shaker's Pub in Oakdale, NY. The band will have physical copies of this EP for the first time at this show. Click on the flyer for further info.

You can download or stream the EP on Sklubby's bandcamp