BAD MARY: Glitter Bomb Campaign Kicks Off July 2017

The punk rock music genre is about to get a lot more fun.
— The Voice Magazine


New York Punks BAD MARY Kick Off Crowdfunding Campaign

Bad Mary is a loud and fast punk band that wants to take you away from all the troubles that have got you down in this world. To bring this broken world a little escape, the band took their own little escape to the haunted Kreischer Mansion in Staten Island to record Glitter Bomb, their follow-up to We Could Have Saved the World

Since the band's inception in 2011, the cross generational punk band, consisting of Amanda Mac, David Henderson, Mike Staub, and Bill Mac, has played Vans Warped Tour, the Knitting Factory, and in college towns across the northeast. With a grass-roots approach to reaching their fanbase of Bad Mary Maniacs, the band kicked off a crowdfunding campaign with a DIY ethos that's truly sticking it to "the man." Avoiding crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo or even Pledgemusic, the band has already reached their first goal of $3000 on their own website. The campaign lasts until AUGUST 1 and there are many rewards still available for all who contribute. Want an escape from all the CRAP going on in the world? - well, that's what Bad Mary brings you! Fun, a good time, a release! And we want to that with you! Choose a reward and join Bad Mary in making this world a more loud, a little more fast, a little more fun!
If we could offer some kind of reprieve from whatever garbage is going on, I’ve done my job.
— Amanda Mac, vocalist

The outcome the band hopes to achieve is not only to raise $7000 but raise the awareness of listeners that the world is theirs to drown out the news and global confusion and just have a good time. The spirited live performance that takes people away from all the noise was captured on their upcoming EP Glitter Bomb. To request a preview of Glitter Bomb, contact Michelle Turk

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